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+details & proportions+

Huli.Dolls BJD heads are resin sculpts with attention to details and proportions.

These sculpts don't require a faceup miracle to start looking like the desired subject, on the contrary their realism simplifies that process.

In all digital designs presented, whatever detail you see is actually sculpted on the surface. No textures,filters or renders.


Digital files are not available. DO NOT BOTHER TO ASK.


Are designs 100% precise? The answer is no. Art is subject to personal interpretation and skill limitations. How close they get? ... here is a reference photo placed under a digital design, playing around with transparency of the last one.



fox follow215803554_534514914339990_5275744323518050488_n215551137_2949908198562799_411034484088279121_n215339613_1492889617715622_8417796735162970027_n

Details you see on a digital file are present also on the surface of a resin sculpt (since the XY and LCD resolution for detail reproduction, when a sculpt is getting resin flesh is 0,051mm, 2560x1620pixels).

Apply a layer of color and light hitting on the surface will make emerge the details.

Check here an example of what happens on  sculpts smaller respect heads...  blank eye bases (bigger is 14mm).


applying a drop of light grey watecolor

( what stayed hidden from view starts to come out )

blank resin sculpts

(you see few details on the iris)

digital file


@ashuradark colored some white blank bases to show you the final result

(yellow smaller iris is 4mm)

Do you want to see some head designs?

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+work in progress+




no access yet, please explore else 






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